Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Position that makes me happy

Funny thing that I should feel relieved and happy about this position:

It's black to move and one move keeps position slightly better for black and every other move is loosing.

Bishop has forked my bishop and queen. That bishop is protected by white queen and white knight. My bishop on g4 is threatening white knight and my bishop and queen on g7 and b6 are threatening white bishop.

The funny thing is that I chose wrong move and I stll feel this way. Why do I feel good about this? It is because this is so typical - or preminiscent of the position that I have great difficulties in. And here I have it. This kind of multirelation understanding is very difficult for me.

Playing on FICS I get those comments of gloating on my bad moves and I am not able always to just ignore them. The reaction I am waiting for is that even I made bad move I am kind of respectable fellow chessplayer and not somebody that can be treated badly. I DO understand my limitations and problems but because I am not sure of myself I am still waiting for some assurance. Is it wrong to expect good manners on the net? I think it is a bit hopeless task: there are always people who do try to make me feel bad - this is what makes them tick and feel good about themselves.


The right move is 14...Bxf3!

This was 5 minute blitz game so I do not have eternity to think over is one explanation. But. I did spend only 5 seconds on thinking over. My opponent has still 4 minutes on the clock and I have around 3:20 minutes on mine. I seem to recollect that I wonderer a millisecond about Bxf3 and I thought white can just take my queen and be better.

This is very unsharp recollection of those five seconds.

But 15.Bxb6 is in fact bad move because after 15...Bxd1 16.Rxd1:

I have rook: Bxa1!

Can't white just save the rook by 16.Ra2?


After 16...Be2 and black threatens white rook. Interesting answer for white is 17.Ba4!? Bxf1 18.Kxf1 axb7 19.Bxe8 Rxe8

Can't white just refuse to give rook by 17.Re1?

Well. No.

White moves bishop to c4 17....Bc4! and rook on a2 is totally trapped.

This is only one of the variations that is totally bad for white naturally. Right is 15.Qxf3 after which black can take back whites minor piece with either bishop or queen. But I never got to see this.

My mind went black and I took bishop on d4 and I lost one minor piece on the exchange of pieces. 14...Bxd4?? 15.Qxd4