Sunday, 24 November 2013

herrahuu - NobodyIsFischer 45 45 post mortem 1/2

After weird day when I just couldn't pull my concentration together I had this very interesting game.

Yasser Seirawan bust for Budapest gambit.

Friday, 22 November 2013

And on with the real game...

So here I was on 45 45 game after some work on my endgame and I was actually thinking I should be winning. So what is the winning idea or are there several?

White to move

Another endgame position

Ok here's another engame position I had lot of difficulties solving before. White to move and win. I am on check so I have move king. I am trying to calculate what if Kxf2. King takes h2. I have to get to the square and stop g3. If he goes g3 after I take f pawn I just take with h-pawn. So he has to take with the king here I can step in the square and g3 and I am fast enough with my knight.

Monday, 18 November 2013

King and queen versus king and knight.

Mating with queen against knight was biggest problem for me a while back. It seemed impossible to get opponents king to the edge of the board. But today against Fritz 12 while I was waiting my opponent to move and using Jeremy Silman's complete engame course as guide I suddenly nailed it!
1. Make a box with a queen for a opponents king. Make it as small as possible.

2. Don't walk into fork. It's okay if knight threatens either king or queen but not both. 

3. Take notice that being one square diagonally away from knight or two squares diagonally or horizontally is where it takes longest time for knight to threaten you.

Here are my annotations.

I wonder what happened since last time I tried?

Maybe I am not as nervous. The keyword here is patience. The way to resolve this is to concentrate on key ideas and not worry about making sidesteps.