Friday, 1 January 2010

Cheers, mate.

Last couple of days I have been working the ladder up in 5 minute blitz against chessmaster personalities. I am currently playing against around 1200 rated opponents so still I have a long way to go. It seems to be in many cases that I am not very able to use available resources for a mate but I usually just promote enough queens to deliver. Here I stopped to think for a change and found the fastest mate. Which is mate in two.

I had 1:32 on my clock and it took me seven seconds to confirm it.

White to move.


Haunting positions #2

Another positions that keeps coming back from subconscious is this mate in one with white to move. The reason I guess it is that it is a bit against natural instinct. It is nice that I am one to deliver. This is from 5 minute blitz game in FICS. I am not sure how difficult it is. I had 3:12 and my opponent 2:56. For me it took 5 seconds to see it.


A draw!!

Couple of positions remain with you for the longest times and come back to haunt you. This one is one of the better ones. It is between me and Jonfern in FICS 5 minute blitz match when I have had inferior position for some time but I am pressing my opponent on time. Here my opponent has 22 seconds and I have 40 seconds. So can you find the drawing move in 40?


Maybe it's not that difficult but most satisfying anyway for me.