Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The slump


I had a ball couple nights ago going at my first try in bughouse! But afterwards something happened. The next night and day my head tried to work out the experience and at the same time I seem to have lost some thread of thought in my basic chess. I hit one of the worst loosing streaks and I kept loosing both in ICC and FICS untill the last game I had this morning before I run for work.

Naturally my opponent was totally winning, but erred and played Nxa1?? unaware what will hit him.

White to play:

White to move

To tell some background I summoned up my good ol' CT-Art 3.0 and Peshk the other day and out of curiosity bought the Elementary checkmates for beginner and have quite regularly trained on the mates so it seems it has become easier for me to find mates.

Do you see the continuation? I'm sure my opponent didn't.

That turned the tides somewhat and also gives more motivation working on my tactics and mates.

Monday, 13 September 2010

My favourite sacrifices part 1

White to move

This particular sacrifice is one of my favourite ones. I played it in Free Internet Chess Server 5 minute blitz game.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nice mate

Position of analysis in 5 minute blitz game white to play.


Here's what would have happened if white had played rybka recommended Rf6+ against me. Now Kh5 and white has nice mate in two? Do you see how?

Trivia time once again!

I ran rybka with depth of 7 to find some missed tactics in my 100 recent games and here's beautiful tactic black missed against me in five minute blitz.

Black to move.

Do you see it?